12 Ways To Anti-Age For FREE

12 Ways To Anti-Age For FREE

So rich people obviously don't age (have you SEEN JLo?). But what about the rest of us? Do we have a chance? Actually, there is a lot us common folk can do to stay looking young and most of it doesn't cost a thing! Here we have compiled our Top 12 ways to age for zilch, nada, nothing!

1. Chill out- have you even seen a monk with wrinkles? It doesn't happen. They glow and radiate until the day they die/are reborn. Why? Because they don't stress or worry. Stress is a huge accelerator of the aging process. Read more from someone smarter than me. (or is it "than I")? Want to take this to the next level? Read our blog post about The 5 Tibetan Rites, also referred to as the Fountain of Youth.

2. Drink water- I started drinking 3 liters of water a day when I learned in nursing school that your brain is floating on a bed of water. When you aren’t hydrated enough, your brain gets foggy and it’s hard to think clearly or remember facts. What I realized after about a week was staying properly hydrated is an easy way to look 5 years younger. It improves circulation and helps your body rid itself of toxins. Try it for a week and see what a difference it makes.

3. Exercise or sweat- no, they are not necessarily the same thing. I, for one, do not enjoy sweating when I work out, which is why I stick to swan arms and piqués and leave my sweating for the sauna. Both are great for getting the blood circulating and rejuvenating the body. As your heart rate goes up and your blood vessels dilate, there is an increase in blood flow to the skin. Wherever blood goes, it brings with it nutrients that help to rebuild skin cells, and we want this because we are a work in progress. It's important to note that the common held belief that sweating releases toxins is an exaggeration, as the amount of toxins released this way is so minute. The sole purpose of sweating is to prevent overheating of your body. It’s your liver and kidneys that do the detoxifying.

4. Steam- this may be janky, but I like to boil a pot of water on the stove, pour it into a bowl, and tent my face over it with a towel for 5-10 minutes. It will leave you looking glowing and dewey! You can add in a mask for a real treat. Check out our blog on DIY Kitchen Cabinet Facial Masks.

5. Facial massage- just 2-5 minutes of facial massage every day will have an immense impact on the look and longevity of your skin. I like to incorporate facial massage into every step of my beauty routine. I focus on one part of the face for each step of my skin care application. Try this, or just slap on your moisturizer and get the blood flowing and oxygen circulating. (also, side note, literally slapping or vigorously tapping your face is also nice...the French call it tapotement which sounds much fancier). Not sure what to do? Check out our instagram for a weekly Saturday Skin Gym video that you can follow along with. 

6. Stay out of the sun- the sun is responsible for 80% of skin aging. It leads to collagen breakdown, a rigidness in the intercellular matrix, and loss of elasticity. But you already know this if you are on our site 😜.

7. Ground- grounding isn't just a thing hippies do! Doctors and scientist agree that there are physiological benefits to connecting our bare feet with the earth. Through grounding, the natural defenses of the body can be restored. Grounding has positive effects on inflammation, immune responses, wound healing, and prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Read more in this fascinating scientific paper. 

8. Eat well- ok so maybe this isn't free, but you have to eat, so picking healthy options will save you money in health bills in the long run. The best foods for anti-aging? Dark, leafy greens, berries, salmon and other cold-water fish, nuts, avocado, and water crest! The worst? Gluten, sugar, meat, and dairy. If I'm feeling in need of a boost, I follow the the 3-Day Face Lift Diet by Dr. Perricone.

9. Sleep- sleeping is not only free but it also saves money because you aren't shopping. Just make sure you have a job where you earn money while you sleep. When you sleep, your body shifts from fight and flight mode to rest and digest mode. Cells can take a break from the ever-demanding job of being awake, and can focus of repairing damage done during the day, by sun damage, pollution, and free radicals. Sort of like how road work always seems to be done during the night, or how basically all of Europe is under construction during the summer, when everyone's away. The brain’s molecular waste-disposal system is turned on, toxins are flushed from the lymph system, and cells called human growth hormones go around repairing enzyme damage.  Also make sure you sleep on your back, OK? Otherwise you'll wake up puffy and wrinkled. Silk pillow case for extra credit.

10. Ice- cold showers, cold plunges, ice cubes on my face, I do it all! Not only does it wake me up, make my pores look smaller, and take down inflammation, but cold showers calm my mind and make me more serene than any meditation. Cold showers also help to decalcify the pineal gland and believe me, you want that.

11. Be around trees- it's called forest bathing, and you'll want to look it up. You might even want to buy the book. (I did and it sits on my coffee table ready at a moment's notice, just in case I don't get out into nature).

12. Smile- I debated putting this one on here because I once read that Priscilla Presley credits her wrinkle-free face to not being too expressive in her youth, but there are places I draw the line and smiling is one. Being happy makes you feel and look younger and lighter. Laugh lines me damned!

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