Meet the Founders

woman owned business

Angel Covarrubias


Born and raised in sunny Southern California, Angel is a Graduate of UC Santa Barbara, a NASM and GGS Certified Personal Trainer, and a proud Mamma to her very active 5-year-old daughter!
As an advocate for Health and Wellness, Angel has always had an obsession for Fitness and Skin Care. She has always encouraged those around her to be mindful of their skin and its long-term care. Angel has always been the “go-to person” for skin care questions and advice with all her friends and family…just ask any of them!
After years of hard work at maintaining her own skin, Angel still suffered from terrible melasma during her pregnancy due to a combination of sun exposure and hormonal changes during her pregnancy. She was able to overcome the issue and eliminate the melasma, but only after numerous peels, treatments, and protective measures over a period of five years. When introduced to these visors, Angelica became compelled to learn more and share them with everyone faced with issues related to their skin and sun damage.
One undeniable fact about Angel is that she has a huge heart. Professionally she has always been drawn to industries where she could help other people. Whether philanthropic initiatives or just helping a friend, Angel has always been passionate about enhancing the quality of life of those around her. This is why she is so excited to bring Araya to the world!
Angel enjoys roller blading, training clients, drinking wine with friends over funny conversations, but most importantly spending time with her amazing daughter Samira and adorable son Atlas. You can follow Angel on Instagram at @angelbekoff


Cora Skinner 

Cora Skinner is a medical esthetician hailing from Central Coast California. Her interest in skin care unfolded through a 20-year international modeling career. As a model, she discovered first-hand how bad our modern skin care practices are for our skin’s longevity. Constant make up, tanning, and toxic ingredients that cause inflammation are making us look 10+ years older than we should. This lead her to search for more natural ways to protect skin, our biggest organ.
Cora trained under many industry icons, including Nurse Jamie, Dr. Lingham, and the Aveda Institute. She is also currently studying nursing to further improve her knowledge of the human body. Her main passion has become sun protection. After all, sun creates 80% off our wrinkles. Sun damage can start 10-20 years before they surface the skin.
This inspired her to scour the world for the best sun-protection products out there. After not finding a sun protection visor she liked, the creation of Araya started. Cora wanted to create something stylish, easy, and effective. Something that would protect your skin from UV damage, but still allow you to get a daily dose of Vitamin D.
Cora has been featured in Health & Fitness, Vogue, Maxim, Vanity Fair, and dozens of other publications. She is currently based in Austin, TX with her husband and two kids. On her spare time she loves to hike, take twerk classes, bake gluten-free goodies, and watch travel documentaries. You can follow Cora on Instagram at @coraskinner