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Here are answers to commonly asked questions. If you don't find your question answered, please email us at info@myaraya.com

How do I clean my visor?

Clean with a soft microfiber cloth and water. Do not use abrasive material or chemicals. Any product you use to clean your glasses with would work well your visor.


What percentage of UV rays do your visors block?

The highest rating available to be certified is 98% + of UVA and UVB rays. This means we are certified UPF 50+.You can check our certification here

Do I need to use sun protection along with my visor? 

Although our visors are UPF 50+ it's always a good practice to use a mineral sunscreen. Our favorite non endocrine-disrupting, reef-safe sunscreen is by Badger Sunscreen.

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Is the band on your head adjustable?

Yes, our Carina and Sasi bands have an opening in the back and are flexible to fit many different head sizes. Our Dorado visor has a velcro strap that can adjust from 20.5-22.7 inches.

Is the part covering your face adjustable?

Yes, the shield snaps into over 10 different visibility settings. It can be pulled down to completely block face or stay up to be used as a standard visor.

Can I wear while driving?

Although we ourselves wear while driving, we want to caution against anything that obstructs your vision.

Can glasses be worn under a visor?

Yes! There is enough space to wear your glasses, but our visors can replace your non prescription sunglasses as they protect your cornea and retina from UV damage. 

Where do you ship from?

We currently ship from Austin, Texas and Los Angeles, California. 

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When should I wear my visor?

After facial treatment: Your skin is delicate after facials, peels, lasers, exfoliation, or other treatments. When you get/or do  a treatment layers of your skin are taken off, revealing youthful, new skin and it’s even more important to protect from the sun as it is extra susceptible to sun and environmental damage. Make sure your protecting yourself by staying out of the sun completely if possible or wearing a certified UPF 50+ shield that protects the entire treatment area. Avoid any sun for 72 hours after, and keep sun at a minimum for 2 weeks following.

When pregnant: the surge of hormones when you are pregnant leads to a higher susceptibility to sun damage and pigmentation. When pregnant, you are at risk for a condition called "chloasma", which appears as dark spots around the cheekbones, mouth, and eyes. This is a more important time that ever to make sure your skin is protected from the sun's harmful rays. 

When on warm vacations: Especially anywhere near the equator. UV rays stay high ALL year long in Central America, Caribbean, etc. You can check your locations daily UV rating on the weather app. Anything above a 2 requires sun protection. A rating of 3-5 is considered moderate, 6-7 high, 8-10 very high, and 11+ is extreme.

When in the snow: snow reflects up to 90% of UV radiation, meaning you are at risk for nearly a double dose of UV! The thinner atmosphere at high altitudes also absorbs less UV radiation from the sun, increasing your risk for UV damage. Make sure you wear a full visor to keep any glare from filtering in.  

What is the return policy?

All items are refundable if shipped back unused within 30 days. Discounted items are excluded.

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