The Araya Difference

upf 50+ sun protection

We are Araya, a company founded by two moms from Southern California, on a mission to educate everyone to take care of their skin! We love being outdoors, but know that UV radiation is the number one cause of skin cancer, sun spots, and premature aging. Sun protection is hard. Sunscreen is messy and affordable sunscreens usually contain ingredients that are harmful for marine life and disrupt woman’s delicate endocrine system, leading to hormonal issues and breakouts. Fixing sun damage and skin aging is very costly and sadly, once skin is damaged it can be very discouraging to remedy. What is missing from the beauty market are preventative tools that allow the consumer to prevent skin issues early on.

To solve this problem we created Araya, a company that offers UPF 50+ certified sun protective accessories. Our products block 98-100% of damaging UV rays, so you can Sunbathe Smarter. We want to empower humans to take care of their skin BEFORE the wrinkles and sun damage happen! With the purchase of just one item priced at less than $100, you can drastically change the future of your skin’s condition and health.


Our sun shields are tested and approved according to the ANSI, American National Standards Institute, Z80.3 standards. They carry a certified UPF 50+ rating, provide maximum sun protection, and block 98-100% UVA/UVB rays. We regularly test our UVA/UVB transmission using a 3rd party testing facility, Solar Light. Click here to view report. 
Our visors are shipped in 100% recycled kraft corrugated cardboard. Even our packing tape is made from eco-friendly kraft paper, which means the box is actually recyclable, unlike most packaging tape! Our shipments are made carbon-neutral by Offset and used to restore the ecology of American farms and ranches through Grassroots Org. Araya visors are heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and available in 5 unique and stylish custom colors. We offer three sizes and two band options. Our visors improve skin health by blocking 98+% of UVA/UBV rays, preventing formation of sun sports or melasma, and combatting premature aging. Our visors offer eye health by shielding the cornea and retina from UV radiation, combating cataracts and ocular melanoma, and wrapping around the eye to ensure no glare can filter in. All of our full sized visors improve germ health by shielding your eyes, nose, and mouth from viral droplets, providing an extra shield of protection, and keeping you from touching your face. 
wont break wont melt