Do I Need to Worry About UV in the Winter?

Do I Need to Worry About UV in the Winter?

Can I get a sun burn in the winter?

 Yes! Snow is highly reflective. That's why you may have noticed you get an eye goggle tan while on the slopes. On a sunny day, fresh snow can reflect up to 90% of UV radiation! That's almost a double dose of UV. Make sure you are protected with a sun visor even in the snow!

Do I Need Sun Protection in the Winter?

Yes! UVB rays (the ones that cause burning) may be weaker in the winter, but UVA rays (the ones that cause skin aging) are the same strength year round! UVA rays penetrate the skin more deeply and wreak havoc to your skin, causing wrinkles, fine lines, and loss of elasticity. To prevent premature aging, make sure you wear sun protection even in winter!

Is the UV Risk Higher in the Snow?

UV levels can actually be more intense at the snow for 2 reasons:

    • The atmosphere is thinner at high altitude and absorbs less UV radiation from the sun. UV radiation intensity increases by about 10–12% for every 1000 metre increase in altitude.
    • Snow is highly reflective. That means that you get hit from two angles: first from the sky and second from the ground, as the rays rebound.

Don’t be fooled by the icy weather. Remember, UV radiation happens independent of heat.

Do I Need Eye Protection in the Snow?

Yes! Eyes constantly need protection from UV rays reflected from the snow. Over-exposure to UV radiation has been linked to snow blindness, cataracts, ocular melanoma, and cornea damage. Our wrap-around visors block 98-100% of UV rays, and are the best at ensuring that no glare filters in at the bottom or sides.

What Areas Do I Need to Cover?

Don't forget that reflected UV radiation is also hitting your body from below, so be aware of areas like the underside of your nose and under your chin. One of the strangest sunburn scenarios is where mouth-panting mountaineers get sunburnt on the roof of their mouths from reflected light. Avoid this tragedy by getting a visor that protects your full face.

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