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Little Miss (or Mr.) Sunshine

Summer means the sun sets later in the day, exposing your little ones to more sun than usual. Here are some tips to keep them safe!
☀️Sunscreen shouldn’t be used past its expiration date or after 3 years.
☀️When using a new sunscreen, first test it out on the inside of your child’s wrist to make sure there are no reactions.
☀️Buy a sunshield for the rear windows. Windows do not block UVA.
☀️Unless your child's school (aka your living room) has UV-protective windows, apply sunscreen if their desk is near a window.
☀️If you live in an area with less sun, supplement with Vit. D.
☀️In case of a minor sunburn, try a natural remedy like applying aloe gel, oatmeal, or honey.
☀️Clothes are not completely effective at blocking UV radiation. Light fabrics and wet clothes will not protect you from sun damage. Invest in clothing that is certified UPF 50+ to be safe.
 ☀️To make sunscreen application more fun, let your kids apply sunscreen to you before you apply it to them. This helps them feel involved, but makes sure their lotion application is thorough.
☀️Reapply sunscreen often (every 2 hours). A higher SPF doesn't mean it lasts longer, only that it blocks out more UVB.
☀️ Sunscreen takes approximately 15 minutes to sink into your skin, so it’s best to apply it before leaving home.
☀️Use natural sunscreens like Thinkbaby or Badger.
☀️Wear a sun protective visor (obviously).

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