Real Housewife Gets Real About Melanoma

Real Housewife Gets Real About Melanoma

Teddi Mellencamp of RHOBH has been very vocal about her brush with skin cancer and we are so thankful she came out of it in good heath. She ultimately had two surgeries to remove 12 Stage 2 melanomas at varies stages and sizes, but is now clear and healthy with no mutations.

Growing up, Mellencamp spent a lot of time in the sun. As she told People magazine that she was "outside all the time, I rode horses. I very rarely wore sunscreen." Now she is changing her ways and wearing our visors to help stave off any future sun damage.

We love that she is loving our products and that now she is using her platform to spread the word about sun protection! It is so important to make sure what you wear to block damaging rays is actually working, and we pride ourselves in our certified UPF 50+ ranking.

Not only are our visors effective, but they offer an element of anonymity. As Teddi says, "If I don't want to talk to somebody...ehh uhhh." She also loves the velcro wrap around back strap of our Dorado visor so she can put her hair in a pony tail.

Thank you Teddy for sharing your sun protection journey and tips! See more on her instagram @teddimellencamp!

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