Why Shannen Doherty Won't Take Our Visor Off

Why Shannen Doherty Won't Take Our Visor Off

Shannen Doherty, like THE Shannen Doherty of Beverly Hills 90210 fame, loves our Dorado visor so much she can't won't take it off! When we left her house she was sun bathing and working out with it on, and we return over 24 hours later to find her still wearing it as she folds her laundry. "It never comes off. This is officially me now" she says. 😂 She says she might even wear it to bed!

 We can't blame her. Not only is the headband on the Dorado fit so comfortably that you won't even realize it's on, but once you get used to life without UV damage, you never want to go back.

Whether you're a celebrity wanting to go incognito or just a fabulous "normie", you are going to love the stylish and durable sun protection offered! 

And watch more of Shannen's silly antics on her instagram @theshando!

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