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Dorado in Champagne

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Our pick for the active wearer! This champagne colored visor features a comfort band that wraps around the head, with a velcro adjustable feature. This keeps your visor in place, no matter your activity level. Wear this while playing pickle ball, beach volleyball, practicing yoga, or cartwheeling in the grass. The soft band also provides an even distribution of weight which allows for long comfortable wear with no pressure in any one spot on the head.

This visor can be worn by slipping on over your hair, or by pulling the hair up and over like a headband. Your hair do will stay in place, unlike with a hat, plus the headband soaks up any sweat to keep your skin flawless.

No more spreading sticky sunscreen goop on every 2 hours! Simply throw on your visor and you are prepared for all day sun! Our lenses are adjustable, scratch and heat-resistant. They offer exceptional visibility and a cooling effect.


Lens measures 6.5" x 14".

Strap measures 3.4" x 20.5-22.7" with adjustable velcro insert.

Check out our sizing chart here.

All of our visors are certified UPF 50+ protection.

◦Provides maximum sun protection, blocking 98% + UVA/UVB rays

◦ANSI Z80.3 Certified 

◦Heat Resistant 

◦Scratch Resistant 

◦Protects the cornea and retina from UV damage

◦Durable, comfortable, easily sanitized using a microfiber or other soft cloth


Comfort strap with adjustable velcro closure

Please see FAQ page for any additional questions.

Shannen Doherty loves our visor so much, she won't take it off! Watch as she goes about her day with our UVA/UVB protective, paparazzi-blocking, viral droplet shielding visor on! 

You might even want to work out in it! Or twin with a friend! 


We ship out orders within two days of order placement. With the goal of sustainability in mind, our boxes are made from 100% recycled materials. Even our packing tape is made from eco-friendly kraft paper, which means the box can be recycled without treatment, unlike most packaging tape! ♻️

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kathryn Yao
love this hat!

i love this hat - i play tennis in it and doesnt get in my way - feel very protected and highly recommend!

Sparrow Heatley
Great protection

I love the wrap around strap option. This strap keeps my Araya sun shield comfortably on my head during my walks. Thank you so much!

Cassandra Bodzak
A gift from the sun goddess!

Omg! I’m in love with my beautiful araya visor! It’s always been frustrating trying to get sun while simultaneously preventing my sensitive face from getting sun damage — this product is a heaven sent! I love that it looks stylish, gives my skin room to breathe and protects me while I read by the pool! You will not regret ordering!

Kalli Wild
Finally this exists!

I feel like I’ve been waiting for a product like this for years. I have extremely pale skin and am always lathering up in sunscreen and wearing hats and long sleeves- regardless of the season. I’ve been buying clothes with uv protection for a while now but have never found something for my face- and I seriously love this. I bought 2 so I can keep one in my car. The Sasi Velcro is my go to for walks and being outside, and the Carina is my driving visor.

Amazing sun protection!

I have been suffering from melasma on my face for years and have had numerous peels and lasers to keep it under control. I am able to now confidently go out in the sun, to the beach and out hiking knowing that my face is protected wearing my Araya Visor and that my melasma won't flare up.