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10 Point Accupressure Massage

10 Point Accupressure Massage

Want a quick facial pick me up? Watch this video to learn this 10 point acupressure massage that will relieve muscle tension, even skin tone, and stimulate blood flow! Do it daily as an anti-aging practice!

1. Center and middle of forehead

2. Highest arch of eyebrows

3. Upper and inner corner of eye socket

4. Divet on cheekbone in line with the eye

5. Bottom and inner corner of eye socket

6. Sides of nose

7. Point where cheekbone and jawbone meet

8. Below center of nose


12 Ways To Anti-Age For FREE

12 Ways To Anti-Age For FREE

So rich people obviously don't age (have you SEEN JLo?). But what about the rest of us? Do we have a chance? Actually, there is a lot us common folk can do to stay looking young and most of it doesn't cost a thing! Here we have compiled our Top 12 ways to age for zilch, nada, nothing!

1. Chill out- have you even seen a monk with wrinkles? It doesn't happen. They glow and radiate until the day they die/are reborn. Why? Because they don't stress or worry. Stress is a huge accelerator of...

Skin Care Ingredients You Should Never Mix

Skin Care Ingredients You Should Never Mix

Medical grade ingredients are now more available than ever, and we have access to a plethora of products that can turn our meager bathroom medicine cabinet into a full-blown spa! Hooray! 💆🏻‍♀️ But there are some times when too much of a good thing isn’t always a good thing. Kind of like Aunt Shelly and bottomless mimosas.

Common Skin Care Mistakes

Common Skin Care Mistakes

5 Skin Sins

1. Washing your face with hot water

2. Letting your face dry between steps

3. Towel drying your face

4. Dispensing oils onto your hand and then your face

5. Putting product on in the incorrect order

Are you making any of these common skin care mistakes? 😲 That’s ok...we were too. Here’s why they could be aging your skin and what to do about it.