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Araya featured on ABC News!

Araya featured on ABC News!

Check out this incredible shout out on @abcnews. 🙌🏼🥳💃🏻Thank you so much @mwmakeup for featuring us and for singing our praises so eloquently! 👏🏻🥰

To recap:

☀️Certified UPF 50+

☀️Blocks 98-100% of damaging UV rays

☀️Protects cornea and retina from UV damage

☀️Shields against sunburn, sun spots, and premature aging

☀️Heat and scratch resistant

☀️5 unique colors, 3 sizes, and 2 headbands

☀️Comes in a cute silk bag for an easy beach accessory


5 Ways To Make Sure Your Sunscreen Is Effective

5 Ways To Make Sure Your Sunscreen Is Effective

We love the enthusiasm behind skin care these days, and the amount of DIY-facials and skin care tricks we see on social media! Suddenly everyone is slapping their faces, gua sha-ing, and becoming mad scientists in their bathrooms. But there are a couple trends that could be doing more harm than good, for instance, mixing your sunscreen with oils to make a more even spread and dewy finish. Read on to find out why that could be setting you up for UV damage, and for four more sunscreen tips.

Little Miss (or Mr.) Sunshine

Little Miss (or Mr.) Sunshine

Summer means the sun sets later in the day, exposing your little ones to more sun than usual. Want to know how to treat a sunburn the natural way, what their desk should never be by, how to make sunscreen application fun, and whether clothes block UV? Read on to find out!

Do My Clothes Protect?

Do My Clothes Protect?

We get this question so much that we decided to make a separate blog post about it. 

The disappointing truth is not really! And honestly, when dealing with skin cancer, "not really", is a frightening answer.

While most fabrics do provide some level of protection, their UPF ratings are not as high as you may think. In fact, you can still get sunburned through a cotton T-shirt! To offer proper protection, fabric should have a rating of UPF 50+. 

What does UPF mean?

The UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor which is a numerical rating to clothing.

A UPF protection clothing with rate 50 means that...

Busting Summer Sun Myths

Busting Summer Sun Myths

Do I Need Sun Protection If I Have Darker Skin?

Yes! People with darker skin produce more of a pigment called melanin, which does offer some natural protection against UV radiation. However, this protection is minimal, and even with darker skin, you can still get sunburned, and you can develop skin cancer from UV damage.

Does Clothing Block UV Rays?

Not really. Different types of material offer different levels of protection, depending on the type of material, but nothing is completely effective,...